Reviewing the Individual Effects of HGH – Sarcomere Hypertrophy

Reviewing the individual effects of HGH – 10/11 Sarcomere Hypertophy (muscle growth)
With little or no change in exercise, your body will produce greater amounts of muscle tissue and density (lean muscle). There is another type of muscle g…rowth: Sarcoplasmic which is essentially just inflating the muscles. Adds mass and size but doesn’t improve performance.
Sarcomere Hypertrophy actually generates new sarcomeres: the basic unit of a muscle. A muscle like the bicep is actually comprised of many myofibrils (strands). The myofibrils are repeating sections of sarcomeres.
In effect, HGH can give your body the ability to develop leaner, stronger muscle with no other changes needed. By adding some light weight-lifting or other anaerobic exercise, you can more easily build up new muscle.

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